BRUTE Series

Super Brute & Brute Series

All BRUTE Series safes are designed to provide secure storage for documents, jewelry, precious metals and miscellaneous valuables at an economical price. When properly installed in a concrete floor, BRUTE Series safes provide excellent fire and burglary protection. BRUTE floor safes meet and exceed the requirements of the Insurance Offices Manual of Burglary Insurance.

Wall Safes

Wall Safes

Worldwide Wall safes are designed to provide hidden protection for documents and miscellaneous valuables. Each wall safe is also designed for easy installation between 16 o/c wall studs with pre-drilled anchor holes and a built-in flange eliminating unnecessary replastering.

TBO and K1 Undercounter Safes

Worldwide’s Undercounter safes limit excess cash register funds by providing instant protection for interim deposits of cash or checks via the anti-fish deposit slot. Securely positioning the safe next to the cash register limits exposed cash and reduces the threat of robbery and internal theft. Adaptable for multi-unit installation use, ideal for gun control, staff use, athletic clubs, security areas and much more.

Class 350 Lateral Fire Files

Phoenix series insulated lateral files also blend elegantly with any environment while providing superior fire protection for key records and documents. Available in two, three, or four drawer models, the files are capable of filing both legal and letter size documents. Files include a special interlock system that allows only one drawer to be opened at a time to prevent tipping. The files are tested by UL and carry the Class 350 – 1 hour fire resistant rating, making them perfect for storing paper records.