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  • Electronic push button key pad operated safe.
  • Program safe to open/close with 4-6 digital code and/or any credit card.
  • Large 6 Digit LED Display
  • Motorized bolt work
  • Mechanical key override
  • Magnetic card reader
  • Operates using (4) AA Batteries
  • Auto Shut Off
  • Designed to house laptop PC




Emergency Key

  • The high security mechanical key lock is located under the chrome plate on the face of the door.


CEU Computerized Emergency Unit

  • The CEU has multiple Functions.
  • Electronic override system: Allows you to open the safe in case of an emergency.
  • Emergency power supply: Allows you to open the safe when battery power is depleted.


IRC-916 – Dimensions and Weight:

  • Outside Dimensions: 9”Height x 16”Width x 14”Depth
  • Inside Dimensions: 8” Height x 15 ¾” Width x 11”Depth
  • Clear Door Opening: 7” Height x 12”Width
  • Weight: 36 Lbs.
  • Cubic Inches: 1386